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Tips & Tricks from the Pros: Bike School bike´n soul

Our Own Mountain Biking School at the BUCHEGG RESORT

No one is born an excellent mountain biker! Nevertheless, after a guided tour with the Bike School, you will get off your bike with a feeling of pure excitement.  

Tours for beginners and advanced riders with first-class, well-trained guides take place nearly every day. These guides are a combination of motivational experts and technique pros in one.  

Simply ask at reception or contact us in advance to learn about daily courses.

Riding Technique Training Prepares you for Great Biking

Are you missing a trick or two when it comes to the perfect mountain biking technique? Then get in touch with our guides every Sunday. Bikers of all skill levels learn the basics of riding technique on a course built especially for this purpose. Tricky hairpin turns, obstacles and steep descents will no longer pose a threat. 

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Daily Guided Tours through the Bike-Circus

Guided tours with the Bike School have two advantages: you can meet other bike fans and will get great tips on riding technique. Depending on skill, stamina and level of difficulty, these bike tours take place in small groups. The disciplines are varied: 

  • Enduro, Freeride & Downhill tours
  • All Mountain tours 
  • Leisurely tours for pleasure cyclists and e-bikers
  • Freeride trainings for minis, kids & teens
  • riding technique and safety courses

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Tour map: See everything at a glance

Tours Price/Person
Allmountain & Pleasure Bike Tour€35,00
Allmountain & Pleasure cyclist technique training€39,00
Allmountain & Pleasure cyclist technique training incl. tour€45,00
Enduro, Downhill & Freeride Tour€35,00
Enduro, Downhill & Freeride Tour Magic 4€39,00
Enduro, Downhill & Freeride Training€39,00
Freeride Kids & Minis                   €30,00
Freeride Teens€35,00

Private Guide (half a day)  Price
10:00 am - 12:30 pm                            €139,00
13:30 - 16:00 pm   €139,00
every additional person€30,00
Privat Guide (full day)                       Price
10:00 am - 16:00 pm             €239,00
every additional person      €35,00

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Individual Mountain Bike Camps at the Resort

Organised mountain bike camps with professional guidance are the speciality of the  Buchegg Resort. Each year camps with different focuses are held here. Mountain biking and freeride camps are especially popular. Individualised programmes are created for adults and children to ensure everyone, young and old, has fun. However, an entire week with a mountain biking focus is not spent only on two wheels. You can also enjoy other sports, have time for group activities, and participate in adventure activities. Plus, you will enjoy board that will certainly give you the energy you need.  

Do you have questions for the Bike School or would you like to book your stay at the Buchegg Resort? Send us your non-binding enquiry  and we will create a personalised offer for you.